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A beginners guide to fishing: Everything I got from Big 5 sporting goods


May 12, 2023

I have never been very close with my father-in-law but when he asked me for a fishing weekend trip, I was determined to impress him. Having spent most of my days working in a cubicle, I had no experience with fishing. Whatever it may be I was certain about one thing, I needed tons of knowledge and fast.

My best bet was to watch tons of videos and shop for fishing equipment beforehand. After searching for some time, I came across the reviews for this place called Big 5. Long behold, before my eye on my screen was a sporting goods website with tons of fishing equipment and apparel. I even got a 10 off $30 coupon code on Big 5 in-store purchase, here’s what I got.

1.  Utility boots

So something I didn’t realize one needs to get for fishing is utility boots that go up your calves. I understood what a blessing this was when I was in the boat and my boots were wet from the splash back. The boat was drenched with river water, not to forget that the water was super cold. The boots were also an asset when we reach the shore and set up camp to cook the fish, the mud stuck to my boots and I was thankful I dint wear my expensive shoes.

2.  Fishing Pliers

Getting pliers was never something I carried, having worked at a law firm I believe in never carrying something that can be weponized. However, these pliers were more than helpful when the fishing line was knot and I had to unravel it with my pliers. My father in law also showed me how he added new bait or lure everytime he catched a fish. This meant using the pliers to cut through the fishing line and added new bait.

3.  Latex Grip Gloves

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to Big 5 for recommending thick latex grip gloves. These gloves helped me when I dropped the fishing rod and had to grab the fishing line to pull the fish out. Something I wish to never do again, as it was embarrassing but it would be worse if I didn’t have my gloves on. These saved me from getting my fingers cut off.

4.  Hatch Dry Lure

So from all the fishing research videos I saw, I was supposed to get real worms and frogs but I get squeamish with those. The customer support suggested I get some fake mosquito and frog lures that look realistic and I couldn’t be happier.

5.  Fillet Knife

It was a proud moment when my tough father-in-law compliment my choice of the fillet knife I bought for the trip. He even asked me where I got it from, so that really seems like a win-win. I told him that I got it from the only place I could rely on for sporting goods. I gave him my Big 5 coupon code so I get into his good books, and I’m guessing it worked!


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