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Created my wedding wardrobe with the Ounass luxury collection


May 2, 2023

There is time and place for everything they say and I truly believe that therefore I had never spent my money on any luxury item. Never even owned a designer bag or expensive shoes. Instead, I saved money for my wedding day, the time where I would spend on my huge wardrobe. To accommodate my wedding wardrobe dream, my husband built me a walk-in closet. Now all I had to do was fill it up with the items I wanted.

From then started the search for the perfect clothes shoes jewelry bags hats belts etc. I started by detecting my ideal color palette and then checking the malls, but to my disappointment, there was not much I could get with the waitlist and sizes.

My next move was to move online for my purchases, there I found the Ounass website. One of the best places to get luxurious branded items, I added an Ounass shoes, and the prices were decreased immediately.

What did I get from Ounass?

When I got on the website, I was certain that I would not spend days on it, I knew exactly what I wanted. Therefore, all I had to do is search for it in the search bar and put it in the cart. These are some of the things I got:

1.   Hermes crossbody bag

You might think getting a Hermes bag for your wedding might be pretty extravagant and you are right. But I had never ever splurged on anything in my adult life, I would use a bag I got from a local store just to save up for this day.

I wanted to impress my to-be husband and his family with this designer bag. It was like Ounass knew which one I wanted and kept it in stock. I received the bag with its original packaging and I plan to guard it with my life now.

2.   High-end makeup

When I tell you that I bought all my makeup at the drugstore for around one decade, I’m not exaggerating. I could afford to get high-end makeup but I was waiting for my wedding to get some of the most amazing makeup products. I can tell you that none of them melted during my tropical honeymoon trip. I didn’t even realize that high end makeup could improve my look drastically.

3.   Fine Jewelry

Haven’t been much of a jewelry girl and therefore needed some of my friends to help me out. We put our heads together and got myself some fine jewelry that was gold plated and sterling silver. These brands I had not even heard of but the quality was incredible and the designs were stunning.

4.   Gianvito Rossi shoes

These brands of shoes have been on the back of my mind since I was a teenager.

Yes, I love Christain Loubbiton as much as the next girl but something about this brand also attracted me. The sparkly material and rhinestones were my vibe but not too overbearing. Getting my size in these shoes was the icing on top of the cake.

Ounass helped me complete my wedding look without going overboard with my budget. Of course the Ounass coupon code helped at the checkout page.

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